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Jose Maria Leiva Leiva

We conclude this review of endearing protagonists, with the mention of: Daniel LaRusso is a fictional character who appears in the first three films of karate Kid, is mentioned in Karate Kid IV and is one of the main characters in Cobra Kai, in which he is played by Ralph Macchio. Miyagi (Sir), was a fictional karate master portrayed by actor Pat Morita. He is the mentor of the characters Daniel LaRusso and Julie Pierce, in the Karate Kid films. Julie Pierce, is played by Hilary Swank, in “The Next Karate Kid”, directed by Christopher Cain in 1994. Morita was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance in the first film of the saga (1984), directed the first three by John G. Avildsen.

Tony Montana, fictional character and the protagonist of “Scarface”, a 1983 film directed by Brian De Palma, played by Al Pacino. Travis Bickle, is a veteran of the Vietnam War who, due to sleep deprivation disorder, lands an overnight job as a taxi driver in New York City. Portrayed royally by Robert De Niro in the 1976 film “Taxi Driver”, directed by Martin Scorsese. Trinity, is a fictional character from the Matrix universe, played by Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss in the films. He first appears in the 1999 film The Matrix and is one of the main characters throughout the trilogy.

v is a fictional character from the comic series “v for Vendetta”, created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. He is a mysterious anarchist who is recognized by his mask of Guy Fawke and dark clothes. According to Moore, “V can be both the protagonist and the antagonist of the story; it is the reader who decides if he is a hero fighting for a just cause or just crazy. the mask of Guy Fawke is the representation of an English Catholic conspirator, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, who tried to blow up the House of Lords in London in 1605, known as Guy Fawkes. In 2006 the Wachowski sisters produced and wrote the screenplay for a film adaptation, directed by James McTeigue, with Hugo Weaving as V and Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond. Wikipedia.

Vito Corleone, is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of the novel “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo. In addition, the character has appeared in the cinema in the first two films of the trilogy “The Godfather” and in the television series “The Godfather Saga”, based on Puzo’s work and directed by film producer and director Francis Ford Coppola between 1972 and 1977. “The character has been represented three times in the film industry. Initially, he was personified by the American actor Marlon Brando, in the first film of the trilogy The Godfather (1972), where his last years of life are recounted. Later, he was played by Robert De Niro in the film The Godfather II, which deals with his youth, and in the same film he was also played by the Italian actor Oreste Baldini in the period of his childhood. Wikipedia.

Xander Cage, is an extreme sports athlete who becomes a top secret agent for the CIA’s “XXX Program.” He is recruited by Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) to take down a Russian terrorist group known as Anarchy 99. He was played by Vin Diesel. This film was followed by a sequel starring Ice Cube in 2005 titled “XXX: State of the Union”, and Diesel would later return to the role for the third film in the franchise, “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” in 2017. Xander Cage’s co-star, in the first film in the series, is Yelena, described below.

Yelena, is an agent of the North American government who works undercover and whose mission was to approach Yorgi (Marton Csokas), the leader of the Russian terrorist group, “Anarchy 99” to obtain information about “Silent Night”, a biochemical that Yorgi planned use to create universal chaos. It is played by the sensual Asia Argento in the movie “xXx”, directed by Rob Cohen in 2002.

Yuri Zhivago, Russian physician and poet, one of the main characters in the novel “Doctor Zhivago”, by Boris Pasternak, which takes place in the midst of various experiences corresponding to the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Civil War. The book was adapted to the cinema in 1965, in a film directed by David Lean, which featured the interpretation of Omar Sharif as Dr. Zhivago.

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