Empowered woman! Katy Perry is recognized by a major publication

U.S. – Katy Perry appeared on the cover of the famous publication “Variety”, and in it a special edition was created with empowered women. The singer was chosen to represent the music industry. In the report that they made, they dedicated themselves to reviewing the culminating moments of the artist’s career.

It seems that the first moment where Perry’s empowerment could be seen was when he released his first single “I Kissed A Girl”. In the 2008 song he talked about how he had felt after kissing a woman for the first time without talking about any sexual inclination, just dedicating himself to telling his experience. This caused a great revolution in the pop industry, although for the singer it meant her first success.

For Katy Perry his career is full of songs that inspire others by being “Roar” Y “Firework” the most significant. In them he talks about his strength in the face of the complicated moments that he had to live. His fans have the first of these songs as a hymn of self-love. Katy said she would sing it live again at her future shows in Las Vegas.

Instagram: Katy Perry

East December 29 the musical star will be opening his first residence in the aforementioned city, precisely in the “Resort World”. There he will perform his greatest hits in shows that promise to impress all attendees. Katy Perry It is characterized by putting together shows with a lot of scenery and vibrant colors, and this has become its own trademark.

But the singer not only inspires others through music, but also through her foundation “fire work”. In it, he tries to reach children from various communities through the arts. It even organizes annual camps where you can learn to create all kinds of expressions. Without a doubt, Katy is one of the celebrities most committed to society and that is why she deserves recognition.

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