Donovan Carrillo, the Mexican Olympic figure skater who trained in shopping malls

Donovan Carrillo |  Photo: Getty Images

Donovan Carrillo | Photo: Getty Images

On February 4, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will begin, in which the 22-year-old Mexican skater Donovan Carrillo will participate, who premiered on an ice rink in a shopping center.

Carrillo will compete in the men’s individual category of figure skating, which will begin with the short program on February 7, in which the Mexican has chosen the theme ‘Black Magic Woman’ by Carlos Santana.

On February 9, Donovan will perform the free program with the song ‘Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps’ by Daniel Boaventura and Carlos Rivera.

In the Winter Tracks program, made by the Olympic Channel, we can see Donovan Carrillo arriving at a shopping center in León, Guanajuato, together with his trainee Gregorio Núñez, to begin his training, since there is no suitable place in the country to that he can train.

The Mexican athlete explained that when he practices he must be very careful, because there are all kinds of people skating and he must avoid accidents. The young man also explained: “you have certain difficulties because the quality of the ice is far below that of international competitions, and the ice rinks in my country are too small”.

Carrillo is from Jalisco, but he has been living in Guanajuato for nine years, since the ice rink in his state was closed. Like several athletes in the world, Donovan was affected by the pandemic, since he stopped training on ice, however, during confinement he dedicated himself to working on the physical aspect.

At the end of the program, the young man mentions: “For me, seeing my flag at the Beijing Olympics is going to be something very special, because behind that is the dream of a child who never gave up. My message to all Mexicans who are going to see the Olympic Games is that no matter what adversities come your way, work hard and never give up.”

In an interview that the Mexican gave previously to the Olympic Channel, he expressed “Mexico is a country where winter sports are zero common. I train on a track located in a shopping center, where it is a bit complicated, but challenging at the same time, because I like challenges”.

“Sometimes I have to train with 50 or 40 people on the ice at the same time that I am doing my programs; This does not discourage me, it motivates me to value everything I have and that, regardless of the adversities that arise, I will fulfill my goal,” continued Carrillo.

The young Mexican said that his inspiration came from the skater Javier Fernandez, since he managed to stand out in the sport despite the fact that he does not come from a country where winter games are practiced.

In Beijing 2022, the Mexican will face great figures such as the Japanese Hanyu Yuzuru, who won gold in Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018 and is considered the best skater in history. There will also be the American Nathan Chen who is a three-time world champion, and the Japanese Uno Shoma, who has two world runner-ups.


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