Denzel Washington responds to Ellen Pompeo after knowing their strong argument in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

It’s been a few months but the answer has arrived. Denzel Washington had a required question on his last interview. And it was none other than to know what he thought about words, not exactly pretty, that Ellen Pompeo dedicated to him last October.

Contextualizing the most lost, the star of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ revealed in a podcast with patrick dempsey, who verbally clashed with the Oscar-winning actor from ‘Training Day’, or the most recent ‘Macbeth’, in an episode directed by Denzel Washington himself.

“He came in like three weeks early so he could catch up a little bit, because Denzel doesn’t watch a lot of TV, he probably hadn’t seen the show before. He did the job because his wife is a big fan… I think he saw it as a good training to be able to come and direct something fast,” recalled the actress. But the main course came next.

“Denzel threw himself at me like crazy. I was like, ‘I am the director! You don’t tell him what to do!’ But I was like, listen, motherfucker, this is my series! This is my set! Who are you going to tell… You don’t even know where the bathroom is!” Ellen Pompeo snapped.

The plot of this episode revolved around Meredith being seriously injured by an epileptic patient. So, in the scene where this character had to apologize to the doctor, Ellen Pompeo improvised some phrases, a fact that did not sit well with Denzel Washington. And that’s where the fight arose.

Now, the also director has given his version of the shock in the most succinct way possible. “I don’t remember. But everything is fine”, has declared to Variety with a slight smile.

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