David Páramo explains why Banamex leaves Mexico and becomes a mockery

David Paramo and Banamex, trend in social networks

MEXICO.- After Citi Group confirmed on January 11 that sellingto Banamex, the reactions have not stopped. Among the opinions, some expressed that the situation was a “bankruptcies”, statement that David Paramo, a renowned financial analyst, completely disqualified. However, what could be taken as a reflection product of his experience, was taken by Internet users as a insult and that is why they did not hesitate to make it a trend in social networks.

David Páramo explains why Banamex is leaving

According to Páramo, people are speculating “without arguments and with nonsense”, since it was circulated that Citigroup did not notify of the sale of Banamex to the Mexican government. However, there was a report to the Ministry of Finance and it was this who decided to postpone the notice.

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David Páramo explodes against opinions

“What follows is a number of lies, speculations, stupidities, rumours, nonsense… there are some who say it is a bank run-up… they are totally wrong, they say ‘this is how Venezuela started’ they are idiots, whoever says that is an idiot.”

According to the analyst, the output of Citigroup of Mexico does not mean adisbandment of banks, Well, he clarified that this is a particular case.

“In Mexico there are approximately 50 banks operating, of which 32 are dedicated to the business,” he explained and also said that Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Banco Azteca, could be interested.

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He also recalled that Citi Group announced this listing without having a buyer to “warm up” the market.

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They react on Twitter to “David Páramo”

Here are some of the reactions to “David Páramo” on Twitter.

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