CRISTIANO’S EPIC REFLECTION: Who is better between Ronaldo Názario, Ronaldinho and him?

Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to ESPN Brazil. And during the dialogue, the journalist Natalie Gedra had the opportunity to ask him questions regarding the link he has with the South American country.

Ever since Jose Mourinho released that controversial declaration of the ‘real Ronaldo’ referring to Ronaldo Nazário, the debate about who has been the best Ronaldo awoke. many stay with The phenomenon, others go with Ronaldinho (yes, his name is also Ronaldo) and there are millions who prefer Cristiano Ronaldo.

What does CR7 think about it? Perhaps if it were other players, he would have said him without hesitation. But he respects R9 and R10 so much that he chose to acknowledge the legacy of everyone involved.

The bug he won more individual trophies and has stayed at the top much longer. However, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are world champions who, at their peak, sat on the throne of world football. And since this is about tastes and criteria, the current 7 of Manchester United chose to praise the trajectory that each one built.


“It depends on how we do it. But I don’t like comparisons. I prefer to say that the three left their legacy, their history. I can say, in fact, that I won more individual titles than them, but they both won World Cups. I sympathize a lot with them. They are two players that I grew up watching. Saying who is the best or who is second is not the most important thing. I prefer to stay that they are idols and left a beautiful story in football”.

Undefeated data. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only footballer who has been able to exceed 800 goals in professional football. The greatest scorer that ever existed.

Did you know…? R9 registered 15 goals and 4 assists in 19 games played in World Cups. He was a two-time champion, MVP and scorer. indelible mark.

Undefeated data. Ronaldinho is the only footballer in the entire history of the game who has been world champion, Champions League champion, Libertadores champion, Copa América champion, Confederations champion and Ballon d’Or champion.

Did you know…? Cristiano Ronaldo (5), R9 (2) and Ronaldinho (1) are Ballon d’Or winners.

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