Citibanamex sends a message to its clients about its sale

After which banking group Citi Group announced the closure of some of its retail operations in Mexico, including its Citibanamex banking system, this day the financial institution sent a communication to its clients outsourcing them.

In the mail that arrived on this day to its clients, it is specified that the operations and services of that bank will continue to function normally. The brief statement also puts a telephone number for the attention of any doubts that may arise about a service.

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Reactions after Citibanamex sale announcement

Among the first businessmen to speak out was Ricardo Salinas Pliego who, with a message on his Twitter account, announced his interest in acquiring the bank, a message celebrated by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This would be the second time that the owner of Tv Azteca, Banco Azteca and Elektra, because according to Forbes magazine six years ago announced Salinas Pliego’s intention to buy Citibanamex. At that time I was willing to compete with Carlos Hank González -Heir to Banorte.

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