CITIBANAMEX alerts its users of FRAUD; what is the modus operandi?

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It appears that the recent announcement of the sale from Citibanamex has opened the door to many fraudsters who want to take advantage of the uncertainty that this banking movement leaves in Mexican society. This is due to the fact that recently there have been cases where the scammers have tried to cheat people to take advantage and obtain an economic benefit at the expense of money that is not yours.

But nevertheless, Citibanamex has taken action on the matter and through their social networks they have launched an alert via twitter to warn about the modus operandi of the fraudsters. Here we tell you how it works modality of fraud.

What is the modus operandi of the frauds in the name of Citibanamex?

According to the warning Citibanamex and the report of users in social networks, The modus operandi of this fraud is as follows:

  1. The fraudster or fraudsters call the victim’s telephone number, in which, taking advantage of the announcement of the sale of Citibanamex, they warn the user that they need their personal data, in order to notify them of any possible emergency in their accounts.
  2. The data that users are asked for are: card numbers, keys, passwords, PINs, and full name.
  3. Once users provide it, fraudsters can use this data to make purchases online and even withdraw money from an ATM.

Another form of fraud includes sending a link or SMS message where they invite the user to update their information before the future sale of Citibanamex, this in order that “they don’t lose their money”.

You should know that all this is totally false and you should not fall for this fraudIdeally, if you receive such a call, hang up immediately. If you receive the email or SMS, do not click on the link and delete it as soon as it arrives.

False emails received by Citibanamex users

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