Cholula stars: Keanu Reeves revealed which celebrities he asked for an autograph and how they surprised him

Millions of people would surely want an autograph from Keanu Reeves. However, in this case, the story was the other way around: although it is hard to believe, celebrities are also fans of other artists, and the star of Matrix is no exception.

Last Wednesday, the actor went through The Late Show of Stephen Colbert and, in a fun chat, he confessed to which two celebrities he asked for his signature, although he also revealed that, in one of the cases, the dedication was not as expected.

Now, who are the two artists that Reeves admires enough to overcome his shyness and show them his fanaticism? One of them is the musician Lou Reed, but immediately the actor explained that the autograph was not for him but for a friend. “It was on a small piece of paper and in blue ink. He just said, ‘Lou Reed,'” he said..

The second was comedian George Carlin, whom Keanu knew very well from having shared the set at bill and ted, in 1989. And although it was not difficult for him to approach the actor to make this special request, the thing did not end as he expected. While it got Carlin’s signature without a hitch, the dedication was somewhat surprising. It is that, true to his humor, the comedian wrote: “Dear Keanu, fuck you”. Clearly, a few words that the actor did not expect.

Apparently, the ironic words seemed special at first, but years later the actor discovered that it was a common way of signing his partner. “I always thought he just wrote that for me, until I met someone else who said he wrote the same thing to her. Anyway, it was beautiful, “he finished, laughing.

Despite spending decades as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, Reeves was always a mysterious artist who was never clouded by fame or by the life of luxury and excess that often comes from belonging to the entertainment industry. It will be for this reason that the news that was known a few days ago about the donation of his earnings for a charitable cause was not entirely surprising.

According to the New York Post, the actor donated 70 percent of his earnings from the first installment Matrix for leukemia research, a disease suffered by Kim, his younger sister. Although he did it under total secrecy (true to his style), the specific data says that of the 45 million dollars that the actor earned for playing Neo in the first installment of the science fiction saga, he donated more than 30 million for cancer research and creation of a foundation to help a cancer hospital for children.

Attitudes like these and his great talent on the screen mean that the Canadian does not stop gaining new followers, especially on his social networks, where the artist is very funny. The little that is known about his life – his sister’s illness, the death of his daughter at birth and that of his ex-girlfriend in a car accident a few years later – made him a tragic figure until he got his own meme. The image of the actor sitting on a bench, crestfallen and meditative was baptized as “Sad Keanu” (Keanu sad) and shared ad nauseam.

However, and to the surprise of his fans, Reeves recently demolished this great myth, confessing that at that moment what he felt was not sadness, but hunger. “I was eating a sandwich and thinking about my things,” he told Colbert’s program, in the middle of the promotional campaign for the premiere of Matrix: Resurrections.

Those who know him are used to his generosity, since it is not the first time that Keanu has made such a gesture. Apparently, and on the occasion of the premiere of this latest film, the actor paid for the trip to his representatives, friends and other members of the production to go to San Francisco for the premiere. He not only took care of the private jet trip, but also the hotel accommodation and a meal that he organized to celebrate the return to the cinema. “He blew up a bunch of us here. He is incredibly generous. In the audience tonight there will be many people who helped him, from his martial arts coaches to jiu-jitsu coaches, hair and makeup artists and his stunt team. He makes sure his friends and family are here. He is epic”, said Chad Stahelski, the director of the saga John Wick and cast member of the new installment of Matrix.

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