Cannes: Denis Villeneuve exposes in ‘Sicario’ the war against drugs in Mexico | THE PRESS

Hitman, canadian film Denis Villeneuve about the war against drug trafficking on the border between the United States and Mexico, was successfully presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

Emily Blunt, Benicio, the bull Y Josh Brolin star in the action-suspense thriller that exposes the brutality of the Mexican cartels and the moral ambiguity on the side of the authorities.

in the film blunt is an agent of FBI summoned by the INC for a clandestine operation in Mexico. The protagonist witnesses questionable behavior from her superiors and to survive she will have to adapt to the battle method against the gangs.

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“As an American, I know that I bear some of the responsibility for it and that violence is, from what I understand, under a blanket of silence. I think that violence is horrible, but violence under silence is more horrible, “said the director at the contest.

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Villeneuve has directed the remarkable fires (2010), the outstanding thriller prisoners (2013) and enemy (2013), adaptation of the novel by José Saramago the duplicate man. The filmmaker will be in charge of the sequel to the sci-fi cult classic bladerunner.

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