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The opposition brothers Ana Iris, Ada Iris Miranda Leyva and Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva, have been detained since January 11 in the criminal investigation unit of the city of Holguín.

This was reported to Radio Martí by his mother, the activist Maydolis Leyva Portelles, who pointed out that her three children are on a hunger strike and face the possibility of being revoked and taken to prison.

The three brothers left their house around 10 am on Tuesday, with the purpose of going to the Provincial Court, where the 11J protesters would be tried that day in the city of Holguín, where they reside.

According to their mother, they went “with the intention of supporting the protesters (prisoners) and their families” and were arrested “right here, leaving the shelter. I want to tell you that the girls were beaten, there is even the testimony of a man who approached (the agents) and told them not to hit them like that, because he says they were hitting them with their fists, ‘punching’ them, and He said that this was gender violence, that they should not be hit, that women were not beaten.”

Leyva Portelles reported that, to the man who dared to come out in defense of his daughters, “one of the State Security told him that, if he did not withdraw immediately, they would charge him.”

“Later they called me from criminal investigation, a woman who identified herself as ‘Lieutenant Gladys’, to tell me to bring them sheets, personal hygiene, underwear, because they were detained there,” added the activist.

According to the woman, she could not go to take anything to her children because she had “nothing to take”.

“They are ‘planted’ and I am afraid that they are going to revoke the prison because the four adults are sanctioned, and we are serving a ‘subsidized’ sanction of limitation of liberty. They even have a sanction for public disorder, for going out on November 15 (to the march promoted by the Archipelago platform) and, well, nothing had happened. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen,” concluded Leyva Portelles.

The Miranda Leyva family has pending a trial that, as a result of 15N, when they were violently beaten and detained, it was reported that “it would be a summary trial under the accusation of public disorder”, for trying to participate in what was called “La Civic March for Change. However, to date they have not been informed of this judicial process.

(With a report by Ivette Pacheco for Radio Martí)

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