Businessman questioned by failed projects brings Tigres project

In the midst of the hubbub with which the construction of the new stadium was announced tigers, a property that presumes to be one of the most modern that there will be in Mexico, the shadows of doubts increase, this is because behind the project is the company ball game incowned by the entrepreneur Cesar Esparza, whose projects have been highly questioned, such as the verona stadium, in Italy, which was never done.

Six signatures appear in the document that supports the construction of the new Tigres stadium presented this Thursday on the Volcano field. between the of Governor, the Vice President of Cemex and that of the rector of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, appears that of Cesar Octavio Esparza Portillo, majority shareholder of the company ball game inc, the same with which the August 31, 2021 to build a stadium in yucatan with an investment of 2.4 billion pesos, and which presented a similar project two years ago in Italy, which was forgotten and was criticized for its dubious financial capacity and its lack of experience in the field of stadium construction. sports.

And it is that one of the questionable points that appear on the horizon of ball game inc is that said company owned by spread It is not dedicated to building, but only raises money among private investors.

The origin of Ball Game Inc.

The business history of Spread Portillo, originally from Chihuahua and Bachelor of Accounting and Finance by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, at least until 2021, he was away from the construction sector. In 1992, together with his brothers, he was a minority partner of Agricola Esparza SA de CV a firm formed by his father Victor Manuel Esparza Licon, intended for the production and transformation of agricultural products.

In 1994, already individually, he registered Diretec Group SA de CV, a firm dedicated to marketing and in 2007 it registered Father’s Love SA de CV, a company that provides composition and marketing services for musical and literary works.

It was not until 2009 when he tried for the first time to enter the construction sector. Founded the company Sustainable Icons SA de CV together with the brothers Jorge Luis, Pablo Alberto and Marco Antonio Canavati Hadjopulus. With this partnership, he promoted the construction of a new stadium in New Lion; However, the National Water Comission (With water), threw the project down, since it was intended to build on a part of the Santa Catarina River, which usually overflows in the rainy season.

Since then, and at least in the Public Registry of Commerce in Mexico, Caesar Octavian it did not appear as part of another company. Until on February 2, 2020, in Mérida, he constituted ball game inc, a company that boasts offices on the 20th floor of 14th Wall Street in the city of New York, and that in 2018 she was discharged in Delaware, a tax haven that has more registered companies (1.3 million), than people in its population registry (980 thousand inhabitants).

With this society Spread Portillo he tried a second time to build a stadium. And it was not in Mexico, for his second test he traveled to Italy, specifically to the city of Verona, where in 2018 he began the procedures and began to develop the New Verona Arena, which would replace Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, House of Hellas Verona which was inaugurated in 1963 and which hosted four matches of the 1990 World Cup.

Almost four years have passed since that second attempt. Far from concluding it and in the midst of criticism from local Italian politicians who describe that draft What “ghost” and as a strategy only to raise the value of the property in the area where it appeared to be built, Caesar Octavian reappeared to be part of the two newest projects in Mexico As far as sports stadiums are concerned.

The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium, in which will be invested 2 thousand 400 million pesos according to statements in an interview for Mediotiempo, and the new stadium from tigers, which will have an injection close to the 8 billion pesos, and which plans to be the most modern sports facility in the national territory, multipurpose and with capacity for 65 thousand fans.

However, with these antecedents, the project of the stadium of tigers It is not very clear, especially in the business scheme, since there is no certainty as to how they would obtain the investors the return of their contribution, since the naming corresponds to the UANL in 75% and 25% to Sinergia Deportiva, while the sale of subscriptions corresponds to Tigres.


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