Alert users of fraud before the sale of Banamex

Before the announcement of the sale of Banamex, Presumed fraudsters have tried to trick bank customers with a false message asking for their data.

“As part of the process of selling Citibanamex business and consumer banking, we need to verify your data. Remember that if they are not updated within 24 hours, your account will be cancelled”, says the text that has arrived through email and social networks.

Citibanamex recalled that it never asks for personal information or access codes or passwords, either by phone or through email. He asked people to disregard these types of posts.

The financial institution stressed that all bank services such as branches, ATMs, credit cards, customer service, as well as the opening and payment of credits, among others, continue to run normally and that the transaction will not affect users in any way.

Banamex begins business unit sale process in spring

The Banamex sale process will begin in the spring and is expected to be a smooth transaction, Citi global director Jane Fraser said.

“This will not be such a simple transaction, we have spent the last few months working on how to obtain the best results for our shareholders and be faithful to our local stakeholders.

We will begin the separation process immediately and We look forward to starting the sale process in the spring and of course there will be an opportunity to return excess capital from the transaction to our shareholders.” he said in a conference call with analysts.

Without giving further details about the amount they seek to obtain for their business in Mexico, Fraser stressed that Mexico remains a receiving market for global investments with which citi will reinforce its strategy to focus on institutional banking.

“Our expectation is that Mexico will be an important recipient of global trade and investment flows in the coming years. Therefore, we plan to maintain an important bank, with a local license and for investors to capture the growth and high performance of our institution”, he said.

The FIU requests that the State participate in the sale

After the announcement of the sale of Banamex by Citi, the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Pablo Gómez, mentioned that it would be better than Banamex would pass into the hands of people who today do not have a bank, to prevent the growth of oligopoly.

“Better still a mixed bank: many associated capitalists and the State. Strong topic of debate.

The US bank is putting up for sale all of its retail business in Mexico, including the Banamex brand, the Afore, as well as its retail business, such as the credit portfolio, cards, credit to companies, among others, said the corporate director of institutional development, economic studies and communication of Citibanamex, Alberto Gómez Alcalá.


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