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A 19 year old hacked the remote controls of more than 25 Tesla electric vehicles in various parts of the world, indicating that it is not a vulnerability of the company, but a failure of the owners.

David Colombo is a technology and security expert who, in a Twitter thread, explained the situation.

“I can remotely execute commands on more than 25 Teslas in 13 countries, without the knowledge of the owners,” Colombo said this week. It did not disclose who the affected people were or in which countries they were located.

The hacker had in his possession:

  • Deactivate Sentinel mode.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • start driving without key.
  • Check the location exact.
  • find out if he had any driver present.

“The list is quite long,” Colombo said in his Twitter thread. “I think it’s quite dangerous if someone can remotely play loud music or open the doors or windows while you’re on the road.”

“Even turning on high beams can have a dangerous impact on other drivers,” the hacker noted.

Colombo would file a safety report with the non-profit organization MITER, which provides the US government with systems engineering, research and development, as well as information technology support.

The Tesla security team contacted the hacker to conduct an investigation and provide updates on the case.

A complicated stage for Tesla

Tesla has faced several security issues in 2020, with US authorities pushing to improve the Autopilot system, among other dangerous situations.

Elon Musk’s company had to recall almost half a million vehicles two weeks ago due to rear-view camera and trunk alterations. He also had to answer for suspension failure of Model 3 and Model Y.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also launched an investigation into a game functionality on the front touch screen, enabled while the driver was behind the wheel.


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