Why did Tom Cruise apologize to Brooke Shields’ mother?

Brooke Shields starred in the 1981 teen romance Endless Love. A young Tom Cruise had a small role in the film, and the two celebrities struck up a friendship over the years. When Cruise made some controversial comments against Shields in 2005, his comments caused a rift between the two. The Mission Impossible The star ended by offering a sincere apology not only to Shields, but also to her mother for her actions.

Booke Shields’ Mom ‘Took Care’ of Tom Cruise on the Set of ‘Endless Love’

Shields was raised by her single mother, Teri, after her parents divorced. Teri was often the subject of media scrutiny for allowing her daughter to appear in provocative movies at a very young age. In the 1978 movie Pretty Baby, Shields, aged 11, played a child prostitute. The roles that followed were also considered distasteful for a teenage girl, but Shields maintained that her mother was always protective.

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