What happens to your retirement savings in Afore Citibanamex

This week the news of the sale of The National Bank of Mexico (Banamex) took many people by surprise, but it is particularly among the employees Y customers that many more questions are formulated, in many cases around the subject of their savings protected by the Retirement Fund Administrator (Afore) who handles that banking institution.

To allay uncertainty on the matter, the corporate director of Institutional Development, Economic Studies and Communication of Citibanamex financial group, Alberto Gómez Alcalá, clarified that in no way would the company’s clients be affected, the same as its workers.

In a press conference, the executive also elaborated that the products financial issued by the company, from credit or payroll cards, which will not require any paperwork to remain valid.

In addition, the economist and former head of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), Mario Di Constanzo, pointed out that Banamex clients do not have to lose their calm and even offer to advise those who have doubts, through their account on the social network Twitter.

The graduate of Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) said that customers will not see changes in the bank’s operations, noting that ongoing claims follow its procedure as indicated by law.

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So these users can be calm because the operation of Citi Group of separating from Banamex to sell the brand will not end up taking them to the Credit bureau or anything similar, as long as they continue to pay their credits on time.

Nor is the money in their savings accounts at the bank in danger, and in the case of active financings, clients who have financial commitments with Citi will continue in the same scheme without changes, as it has been in recent months, paying your monthly payments as usual.

What happens if I have my Afore account with Citibanamex?

Workers whose retirement savings funds with the Afore Citibanamex They are another group of users of Banamex products who can feel calm by not endangering the resources that the bank that is for sale by Citigroup protects and manages.

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Additionally, there will be no increases in commissions or charges by having to adhere to the rates that Citi already charges its clients once another Administrator absorbs being client portfolio.

It will be another banking institution or another Retirement Fund Administrator that will be in charge of the management of all this clientele once the transfer with the new credit entity is completed.

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