What did Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra and Paulina Dávila do together?

For many celebrities, 2022 has been a year in which it will be possible to carry out great projects, as is the case with Sofia Vergara, who along with the remarkable stability in his love life, professionally everything seems to be going great. The same happens with alberto war Y Paulina Davila, who are very excited about what’s to come. And although they have been very secretive about the plans they have soon, the actors have captured all the attention of the fans, after the beautiful Colombian gave a glimpse of the recent meeting she had with them, a meeting in which, by the way, she was also present the actor Christian Tappan.

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True to sharing with her followers the most significant details of what happens in the various areas of her life, Sofía uploaded a story on her profile Instagram, social network in which it has more than 24 million followers. What is particular about this publication is that the protagonist of modern-family let it be seen that she was very well accompanied by albert, Pauline Y Christian, this in a location that was not revealed, but apparently it was a restaurant. In the photo, taken by the actress herself with her cell phone, the four smile at the camera, giving rise to questions about the reasons behind this coexistence, which took the fans by surprise, who will surely be very aware of any announcement. .

Although Sofía did not completely unravel the unknowns surrounding the meeting with the interpreters, she did show that it could be a work meeting, and that they are also prepared to start with their mysterious project, as she explained with a short sentence. “We are ready”, which evidenced the great enthusiasm that invades them at this moment in which they are about to take on new challenges. In addition, The Colombian added a filming camera emoji, so there is no doubt that they are about to start filming, although for now it is not known if it is a job for the small screen. The truth is that Sofia has been chosen to star in the series of Netflix inspired by the drug dealer Griselda White, so now everything remains uncertain if this meeting is related to it.


Of course, the emotion has been so great for the actors, that both Alberto and Paulina replied in their respective accounts of Instagram the story shared by Sofía, although without revealing the details of the appointment that apparently took place on January 12, according to the date Vergara uploaded the image that caused a stir and a lot of curiosity.

Paulina and Alberto at their best

For Paulina Dávila, this is a great professional moment, since this time she has been very focused on important projects that have brought her resounding success, including her appearance in Luis Miguel, The Series. At the same time, he is enjoying a sentimental relationship with the actor Juan Pablo Medina, with whom he celebrated the past holidays as we could see through social networks. Similarly, Alberto Guerra remains motivated by what is happening in his life, happy with his marriage to Zuria Vega, who in fact celebrated his 33rd birthday in recent days, although he could not accompany her, as he is traveling for work, something that makes sense after his recent appearance with Sofia Vergara.

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