Tigres orders a stadium from a company that promised another two and has not specified any

The company “Juego de Pelota INC”, in charge of the new feline stadium, has other pending properties within its projects presented

The company “Ball game INC” has been involved in three construction projects of stadiums in the world, but so far it has not materialized any. The last property with which he was related was that of the tigers, recently announced, and the other two that have not yet begun to build are the Yucatan Sustainable Stadium and the Nuova Arena di Verona in Italy, despite the fact that they were announced at least two years ago.

Ball Game INC” is a company created in Delaware, United States, a place that is considered a tax haven, and based in New York. The company is in the name of César Octavio Esparza Portillo and he was one of the main participants in the presentation of the new stadium tigers, which is expected to be built by 2025.

According to Cesar Esparza, the tigers stadium It will be sustainable and will be done with private investment, in addition to having spaces for entrepreneurs, but the start date of the project was not given. A similar speech had his company at the presentation of the Sustainable Stadium of Yucatan, on September 9, 2020, although that building has not yet started and just obtained the “License for land use”, according to the documents to which ESPNDigital had access.

In the case of the Arena di Verona, in Italy, the project was announced in 2019 and also promised a sustainable stadium, only made with private investment. Nor has it materialized and the authorities, such as the communal councilor of the entity, Michel Bertucco, have questioned whether the project will be carried out, according to the local press.

In the case of the Verona stadium, what is up is an internet page with the legend “Prossimmente” and accompanied by a text that refers to Romeo and Juliet, the portal has the rights reserved for “Ball Game INC”.

In the case of tigers stadium, only the project was presented and no start date for construction was given, while for the buildings in Yucatan and Italy it has been mentioned that works will begin in 2022.

In Yucatán, César Esparza has created two companies: “JUEGO DE PELOTA MEXICO, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA PROMOTORA DE INVERSIÓN DE CAPITAL VARIABLE” and “ESTADIO SOSTENIBLE DE YUCATÁN, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA PROMOTORA DE INVERSIÓN DE CAPITAL VARIABLE”, in which he only appears as a partner. , with 99 percent of the capital and José Antonio Téllez Castellanos, with one percent.

In all three cases, the presentations of the stadium have been made in the company of government authorities. The promise is that by 2025 the tigers stadium, one of the three projects that “Ball game” has promised and should start in the near future.


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