The original ‘Twilight’ script was very different

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    2008 was a great year for fans of ‘Twilight’Well, that’s when the first movie was released (okay, we just realized we’ve gotten really old). This first installment based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer is quite faithful to the books, but today we have learned that this was about to be not. Seriously, we were amazed to find out what the movies were going to be, whose script had nothing to do with the original story.

    Mark Lord was commissioned to adapt the ‘Twilight’ novels for the big screen, but his idea was rejected when Catherine Hardwicke joined the project. In the podcast ‘The Big Hit Show’ both have told some hitherto unknown details about this script, which never saw the light of day. Mark said that he added a lot of action to the plot to hook the male audience, because the producers were not convinced by so much romance. Come on, in the initial version surely the dialogues were not going to be so intense (we analyzed some phrases, and fabric).

    robert pattinson and kristen stewart in a scene film the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1 2011

    Edward and Bella in a still from ‘Twilight’.


    The script included the murder of Charlie Swan (Bella’s father) and Carlisle Cullen. Also, Lord wanted the leading lady to be a bit stronger, instead of focusing so much on her romance with Edward. “I want that girl to shoot some vampires. I want her to blow everything up,” Lord said. That’s why he imagined her like some kind of vampire slayer who shot them before becoming one of them. This version also included Bella fleeing from the FBI on a jet ski. As you can see, nothing to do with what Stephenie Meyer captured in the books.

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    These ideas did not please Catherine, who refused to make them come true. “I said, ‘First of all, this script has to go in the trash. It’s not good. You have to do it like the book,” he recalled on the show. Hey, well, it’s a shame that in the end they changed him, he would still have had his point, right?

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