The latest messages that show the tense relationship between Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears

It took 13 years for Britney Spears get your freedom back. Last November, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny ordered the end of legal guardianship of the singer the American artist, thus ending years in the shadow of her father, Jamie Spears, that during this time he took care of the professional commitments and the private life of his daughter.

Although during these months of anguish the singer has always had public opinion on her side, her family has been estranged from her in this long and hard process of trying to become independent. Since then, the singer has not had good words for them, even stating “May God have mercy on the soul of my relatives if one day I decide to grant an interview.”

And not only with their parents, because it is well known that this legal process has made the relationship between Britney Spears and her sister, actress Jamie Lynn Spears, has worn out… In fact, just a week ago, the singer considered her relationship with her broken by ceasing to follow her on social networks.

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn at the Teen Choice Awards,

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn at the Teen Choice Awards, // Getty

This is the tense relationship between Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears

Throughout their lives, the pair of sisters has shown its warmth before the media. Both sisters, almost inseparable despite their age differences, often staged their good relationship in photographs and meetings. However, the singer’s legal battle against her father has ended the good vibes that existed between the two and this has been detailed by the artist’s sister, who has not been a fundamental support in Britney’s life during these hard months.

The actress has just published her first book, Things That I Should Have Said (Things I Should Have Said), a memoir in which he recounts all the difficulties he faced during his childhood and adolescence, and in which he also speaks openly about living in his sister’s shadow.

Now, in an interview granted to the program good morning america of ABC, the interpreter of Zoey 101 He has opened up, through tears, about how the events have affected him. britney attacks in these hard times and has remembered that she was always by his side, even trying to help her in her court battle against her father.

“When the guardianship started, I was 17 years old, I was about to have a baby“, he recalled in this interview, assuring that he did not even understand what was happening in his family. “I understood as little about it then as now,” he assured.

Despite this, the actress has reiterated that she was always available to help her sister and that she always collaborated with the legal team who was handling the case to end Britney’s conservatorship. “I have always been my sister’s greatest support. That love is still there 100%, I love my sister,” clarified the actress, who believes that she has always “done the right thing for her.” “She knows it, so I don’t know why we are like this now“, the youngest of the Spears wondered.

In her autobiography, the actress talks about the artist’s behavior during her adolescence, a time when she considered her almost like a second mother, and explains that she soon ended up having “erratic and paranoid” attitudes.

However, referring to these words, Jamie Lynn has assured that this was how he felt when he was younger and refusing to assess the current state of his sister’s mental health. “I can’t talk about someone else’s state of mindI don’t think that’s fair. I can say how I felt because that matters. It matters that it hurt me…”, explained the actress, who also had to deal with her father’s problems, derived from alcohol abuse.

Britney Spears responds to Jamie Lynn’s interview

It didn’t take long for Britney Spears to react to her sister’s interview and, through a post on her Twitter account, the singer attacked her sister for using her to to profit of this difficult situation. “He never had to work for anything, he was always given everything“, Said Spears, who has shown his anger.

Regarding the claims of her erratic and paranoid behavior, the actress has recalled that her sister has not been there to support her for the last 15 years: “Why are you talking about it, unless you want to sell a book at my expense?“, asked the interpreter of Toxic, who with a certain sarcasm has wished his sister much success with her new book.

In addition, the singer has also recalled the family conflict that arose around the tribute to Britney in the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, where her sister Jamie Lynn performed a mix with the artist’s most important songs.

Although Jamie Lynn considered the issue settled and assured that it was something that she had already clarified with her sister, the interpreter did not hesitate to remind her sister of certain things: “I know that it may seem silly to most people, but I wrote a lot of my songs when my sister was a baby. He never had to work. Everything was always done,” said Britney, who seems to close doors to a possible reconciliation.

Jamie Lynn is sincere in her last post

After this harsh response from Britney Spears, her sister, Jamie Lynn, has released a final message through a post on Instagram, where she has clarified everything about her conflict with the singer. Although she has admitted that this is the last thing she would like to do, the actress has been forced after the constant attacks from his sister.

She herself has admitted that she wishes “all the good” for her sister, assuring that she has always been “behind the scenes” to support her. However, he has been honest, assuring that it is exhausting for him that the messages they have in private they are not at all similar to what she publishes on her social networks and, although she has recognized that her sister is going through a hard time, she has reiterated that she cannot “dismiss herself”.

The actress has reiterated that “the things that are being said are not true” and he wanted to clarify this because he considers that his sister could put an end to this situation if she wanted to report things as they happen, and not with accusatory messages through her social networks, thus ending the bad vibes in her family.

Jamie Lynn has also recalled that her book is not about her sister and has ensured that can’t “avoid being a Spears too” and that some of these situations are related to his sister. “I’ve worked since before I was a teenager and I have worked my career despite being someone’s little sister“, continued explaining the actress.

“There are no sides, and I don’t want drama, but I’m telling the truth to heal my traumas and so on. to be able to close this chapter and move on, and I hope my sister can do the same. It does not matter what happens, I will always love my older sister and be there for her. It’s time to put an end to this unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long,” said Jamie Lynn Spears.

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