That Banamex stays in the hands of investors and the State: Pablo Gómez

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The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Pablo Gómez, considered that the best thing is for Banamex to pass into the hands of several associates and also of the State, in order to prevent the oligopoly from growing.

Through his Twitter account, the head of the FIU spoke about the sale of Banamex considering that it is a topic of strong debate.

“It would be better if Banamex passed into the hands of people who don’t have a bank today, to prevent the oligopoly from growing. Better still, a mixed bank: many associated capitalists and the State. Strong topic of debate”, he pointed out.

Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador argued that the best thing is for Banamex to “become Mexicanized” and stressed that there are businessmen who could stay with this bank, such as Ricardo Salinas Pliego of Banco Azteca and Grupo Salina; José Javier Garza, from the ProSur AB Board of Trustees; Carlos Slim, from Inbursa, and Carlos Hank González from Banorte.

“Now, if all the legal procedures are followed and, of course, the tax has to be paid, it could be Mexican investors who stay with Banamex, return Banamex to Mexico”, commented the President.


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