Roberto Alvarado gets Marcelo Leaño into trouble prior to the visit to Pachuca

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The Herd strategist will have to make a decision once the “Louse” has overcome COVID-19.

Alvarado gets Marcelo Leaño in trouble
© picture 7Alvarado gets Marcelo Leaño in trouble

For the strategist of Chivas of Guadalajara,Marcelo Leano It is a fact that a dilemma has been unleashed in the face of the match for the Day 2 of the Closing Tournament 2022, since the reinforcement Roberto Alvarado has overcome COVID-19, but there is no certainty where the helmsman will put him to play in the visit to Pachuca.

+ Chivas stove football heading to Liga MX Clausura 2022

The complication for the technician Sacred Flock is evident, because in the debut in the campaign they thrashed Mazatlán 3-0 with a great offensive performance, which suggests that he could well send the same 11 headline that was presented the previous Sunday on the field of Akron Stadium.

This would be the most normal, but in any case the “Piojo” will surely enter the court sooner or later in the match against the Tuzos, however, the unknown is to know where he will do it and who will be the footballer sacrificed for the debut of the element from Blue Cross, because it could be considered that the collective functioning of the Tapatios was optimal.

In what position will Alvarado play with Chivas?

Before starting the campaign, Leaño affirmed that the “Piojo” can play as a lane player on the right and on the left, as well as an offensive midfielder on both wings or even behind the center forward. But Guadalajara does not usually play with a line of three in the background and therefore with lanes it is so that this position can be suppressed for the moment.

When used from midfield to the front, Alvarado would have to take the place of Isaac Brizuela on the right side or that of César Huerta on the left, thinking about the positions that most variants usually use log, although in some cases it could also accompany Ángel Zaldívar or Alexis Vega in the center of the attack.


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