‘Pure Steel’, the Hugh Jackman movie, will have a series on Disney +

Real Steel, Pure Steel or Steel Giants. Same name, depending on where you read us, for the same news. The film starring Hugh Jackman in 2011 will have a sequel as a series on Disney +. As in the original, Shawn Levy – coming off the success of FreeGuy– will be the director of the new installment of the streaming platform.

announced by Variety, the project is still in very early stages of development. Only the name of the assistant director has been revealed with the help of Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, Susan Montford and Don Murphy and fans of the original film are still waiting to know the actors who will play the characters.

A doubt that hovers over the new installment of Pure steel is whether the Hollywood star, Hugh Jackman, will return to be the protagonist this time in series format. It is not a clear fact. And chances are we won’t see the actor again in the role of robot boxer Charlie Keaton. But you also live on illusions. As for the daughter of Jackman’s character, played by Evangeline Lilly, her future in the sequel to Pure steel.

Since the premiere of the original film, the actress disagreed with the promotion that had been given to the title. From a story of redemption and father-daughter reunion, Disney moved to a testosterone model focused on an all-male audience. In fact, the actress points out that the delay of the sequel to Pure steel It was precisely due to the ill-advised promotion he received at the time.

In any case, the doubts about the new Disney + series are total. Will it be a sequel to the 2011 movie? Or will it work as a parallel story within the universe of Pure steel? None of this information has come to light so far. They only point out that they will try not to be a new version of what we already saw in theaters a decade ago.

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