Price of the dollar and exchange rate today, Friday, January 14 in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua

The dollar price and the exchange rate average in Mexico is 20.31 pesos today, friday january 14. To purchase can be purchased at 20.30 and at sale It is found at 20.32 pesos.

Different investors are preparing for an announced increase in interest rates in the United States. Likewise, they remain attentive to news related to the rapid spread of the new omicron variant of COVID-19, as well as its potential impact on the global economy.

“Markets are waiting for new information, so far nothing macro has been released that in any way changes that sentiment of rate hikes”, explained an analyst.

Dollar exchange rate in Mexican banks on Friday, January 14

  • Citibanamex buy at 19.72 pesos and sell at 20.85 pesos
  • Banorte buy at 19.20 pesos and sell at 20.60 pesos
  • HSBC Mexico buy at 20.00 pesos and sell at 20.68 pesos
  • BBVA buy at 19.71 pesos and sell at 20.61 pesos
  • Santander buy at 19.41 pesos and sell at 20.94 pesos

Price of the US currency in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua

  • Guatemala: 7.71 quetzals
  • Honduras: 24.58 lempiras
  • El Salvador: 8.75 Colones
  • Nicaragua: 35.45 gold cordobas

Likewise, the dollar is expected to trade normally during the close of this week.

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