Nintendo warns its customers of fake websites and scam attempts

From Siliconera we get one of the most interesting data, and that is that Nintendo has just released a statement in Japanese informing users of the circulation of several fake websites that fraudulently use the identity of the company to sell products at a lower price than stipulated as a scam and collect data from their customers.

we leave you with the statement released by Nintendo:

We have recently confirmed the existence of a fake website that mimics the Nintendo website. These fake websites have nothing to do with our company.

Fake websites fraudulently use our logo and appear to be operated by us, and represent that our products, including the Nintendo Switch, are available at deeply discounted prices.

If you purchase products from a fake website, you may be vulnerable to fraud, including the fraudulent acquisition of your personal information. We want to remind customers to be careful not to confuse those websites with ours, and to avoid buying products on fake websites.

What do you think? Have you also come across websites of this style? Although there are websites that imitate being Nintendo to commit fraud attempts, remember that official channels are always signaled on the company’s official website, do not be confused! With all that said, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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