Next week for free on the Epic Games Store the next great game

Finally Thursday and as it is already a tradition we want to share with you the game that the Epic Games Store will give away next week. After weeks of two free games, we are now back on the path of a single game, but no less quality.

First let’s go by parts, from this moment you can download the game and free content for this week at no additional cost. This gift will be available from now and will end next Thursday January 20 at 5:00 p.m. at which time it will be replaced by the new addition announced today. You can check the free game that we can download now in the Epic Games Store through the following link.

Free game next week on the Epic Games Store

Step into the shoes of a great scientist trapped in a sinister lunar base in ruins. Make your way through mysterious terraformed craters and solve physics puzzles by controlling gravity and magnetism. Will you try to reach safety as quickly as possible or will you stop to search for clues and uncover the hidden plots of 22nd century space politics? Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters is a secret that could cost your daughter her life…or forever change the fate of humanity. Do you dare to face the consequences of your investigation?

  • Relict – free next thursday

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