Kendall Jenner will create community schools for the study of sustainable agriculture

Just when we thought we couldn’t be surprised anymore with the clan Kardashian/Jenner, appear Kendall Jenner with an incredible program of social assistance, in which the community where the product is produced and packaged will benefit. Tequila 818, model signature.

Image from ig (@KendallJenner)

In fact, part of the profits from the multi-awarded Tequila, will be used for three projects, one of recycling to make popular housing andn the region of Zapotitlan de Vadillo Jalisco. The second project consists of the creation of study centers that will focus on sustainable and regenerative agriculture based on traditional Mexican farming methods, but with current innovations and finally the opening of a library that will have additional rooms and spaces for cultural activities.

All this will be possible thanks to the integration of your organization Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development, better known by its acronym SACRED, where the foundation advanced some advances of the plan for the region of Jalisco.

The news was received so bittersweet between followers of the famous and the rest of the Internet users when describing this achievement as a way to evade taxes in U.S, as well as to silence criticism for the ‘use and cultural appropriation’ of Mexico. The mannequin has not said anything about it except that she feels empathy and closeness with the Mexican because Being Californian, she has lived with many members of the Latino community throughout her life.

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