Jim Carrey’s big break might have been this Robert Downey Jr.

Looking back now, Jim Carrey’s singular comedic talent was probably always destined for greatness. But it took the actor a long time to finally get his big break in Hollywood. Even after he began working in movies and television, Carrey was overlooked in a long list of high-profile roles. However, one of the most fascinating came in the early 1990s, when Carrey lost a major movie to Robert Downey Jr.

Jim Carrey didn’t become a movie star until 1994

Throughout the 1980s, Carrey slowly but surely worked his way up the Hollywood ladder. The actor’s first big industry credit was a role on television. the duck factory. That show ended after just a few months in 1984, but the following year Carrey landed his first leading role in a movie. once bitten alongside Lauren Hutton and Cleavon Little. In the years after that film, which was a minor success, he appeared in a series of increasingly prominent supporting roles.

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