iTunes ranking in Argentina: top 10 of today’s favorite movies Thursday, January 13

In a market as saturated as that of internet streaming services, these platforms struggle to have the best productions. iTunes is no stranger to this reality and, willing to become a strong opponent, provides his subscribers with the list of his 10 works of cinema with the best acceptance in Argentina.

We are talking about the list that classifies the titles according to who is seeing what in real time. If you are interested in knowing what quality content is available, keep reading the following paragraphs.

one. no time to die

In ‘No Time to Die’, James Bond is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Jamaica. However, his peace ends when his friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, seeks him out for a new mission that involves rescuing an important scientist who has been kidnapped.

two. Venom: There Will Be Carnage

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his Venom symbiote are still trying to figure out how to live together when an inmate on death row (Woody Harrelson) becomes infected with a symbiote of his own.

3. blood issue

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) is a tough American oil rig operator who travels to Marseille to visit his daughter, in prison for a murder he claims he didn’t commit. Away from home, things will not be easy for a father willing to do anything to prove his daughter’s innocence.

Four. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro

Peter Parker leads a very busy life, balancing his time between his role as Spider-Man, taking down bad guys, and being in high school with the one he loves, Gwen. Peter can’t wait to graduate. He hasn’t forgotten the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away from her, but it’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things take a turn for Peter when a new villain, Electro, appears and an old friend, Harry Osborn, returns, while uncovering new clues about his past.

5. Williams method

Biopic about Richard Williams, a father beyond despair who helped raise two of the most extraordinary athletes of all time, two athletes who would end up changing the sport of tennis forever. Richard had a very clear vision of his daughters’ future, and using unconventional methods, he devised a plan that would take Venus and Serena Williams from the streets of Compton, California, to the Olympus of sports, turning them into legendary icons.

6. Sings!

Buster is a koala who owns and runs a large theater that is going through a very delicate time. To fix the situation and regain lost glory, he will organize the world’s largest singing contest, which attracts multitudes of animals seeking to become stars. Among them we find a prankster and arrogant mouse, a teenage elephant with stage fright, a sow suffering from stress due to her litter of 25 piglets, a young gorilla from a family of gangsters and a porcupine who has her own rock band. alternative.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man

A high school student who was abandoned by his parents as a child, leaving him in the care of his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field). Like most teenagers his age, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and what he wants to become. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and together they fight for their love with commitment. When Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance, a quest that leads him directly to Oscorp, the lab of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), his former co-worker. dad. As Spider-Man finds himself on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, the Lizard, Peter will make choices that will alter his options for using his powers and shape a heroic destiny.

8. Ghostbusters: Beyond

A single mother and her two children move to a small town where they will discover their connection to the origins of the Ghostbusters and the secret legacy that their grandfather has left them.

9. best sellers

Young Lucy Standbridge (Aubrey Plaza) has inherited her father’s publishing company, but her ambition as a publisher is sinking her with several failed titles. Desperate, one day Lucy discovers that the writer Harris Shaw (Michael Caine), a lonely, curmudgeonly and alcoholic author who was a great bestseller decades before, has a contract with the publisher still a book to deliver. In a last-ditch effort to save the company, Lucy forces Harris to release a new book, embarking on a book tour that changes them in ways they never expected.

10. My Big Greek Wedding 2

Sequel to the successful romantic comedy ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ (2002). The celebration of another spectacular Greek wedding serves to reveal the secret of the Portokalos family.

Do you know which is the platform with the best offer of cinematographic productions? iTunes of course! Do you know what famous movies are available for you?

iTunes’ intention is for users to recognize its most popular movies. Thus, they will be able to get an idea of ​​the ones that best suit their tastes, to recommend them to their family and friends. What classics will be available soon? The only sure thing is that the list does not stop growing.

Meanwhile, we can tell you that these are the 10 most famous movies we have.

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