It will always be the best Batmobile, and this collector’s version of LEGO is for sale on Amazon

One of the most liked Batman movies of all those that have been made is The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, for almost everyone the best Joker there has been so far. It is the favorite movie of many people and it is not for less considering who directs it, Christopher Nolan. It is clear that the film had all the perfect components to be successful. And obviously, whoever saw it will know that the Batmobile in that movie was brutal. If you really liked the movie, You will surely like this Batmobile LEGO set that costs 221 euros on Amazon.

If you think that LEGOs are only for children, it is clear that you do not know this type of “models”, which they have much more complexity and are authentic collector’s items. You will surely love riding it.

Get this LEGO Batmobile for 221 euros on Amazon

A LEGO model is clear that they have to be done with lthe mythical blocks of the brand, and although it seems impossible, manages to recreate the Batmobile and in great detail. It is a way to have a very original collection of models.

If you like scale models, then you will surely like to build one of these, especially right now, since it is not uncommon for you to catch COVID and have to stay confined for a few days. This is a great way to spend confinement and not get bored.

Get this LEGO Batmobile for 221 euros on Amazon

It is a set of 2049 pieces, so we will have for a while, but this will make us develop our patience and may even relax us. Also, when we finish It will be perfect as an ornament to expose it in our room or even in the living room, I’m sure our guests will love it.

Along with the model come two figurines, one of Batman and another of the Joker, so that it is much more curious when we expose it.

The product we’re talking about today probably isn’t much your style, but I’m sure you know someone close to you who loves this movie and who Surely you will be very excited to receive a gift like this.

If you love scale models and you are a fan of the movie “the dark knight”, then this mockup is definitely for you. Its price is 221 euros on Amazon.

Get this LEGO Batmobile for 221 euros on Amazon

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