iOS 15 is already installed on 72% of iPhones launched in the last four years

According to Apple, iOS 15 would already be installed on 72% of the iPhones launched in the last four years, and on 63% of all the brand’s phones.

On September 20, 2021, Apple took a step forward in its operating systems by officially launching iOS 15 for iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPadOS 15 for the different iPad models. This version in question introduced many new features for all Apple devices, but despite this it is true that they are not as many as Apple has accustomed us.

Despite this, the statistics do not lie: 72% of users of one of the iPhone models released in the last 4 years already have iOS 15 installed, while 57% of users of iPad models from recent years also have iPadOS 15 installed. In this way, it can be seen how users have been deciding to update to these new versions in recent months.

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iOS 15 is increasingly installed on more devices

As we mentioned, the Apple team has updated the statistics of the App Store, revealing in them the versions of iOS and iPadOS that users have installed. In particular, the fact that 72% of users of an iPhone released in the last four years already have iOS 15, while 26% of users are on iOS 14, and only 2% have stayed on a previous version of iOS.

iOS 15 installation statistics on the iPhone

iOS 15 install statistics

If we move to the general plan of all iPhones, according to Apple it seems that iOS 15 would be installed on 63% of its phones, while of the rest, 30% of users would have stayed with iOS 14 installed, and only 7% are using an older version of the operating system.

On the other hand, in the case of the iPad the data is somewhat more disparate. Among the models launched in the last 4 years, 57% of users are using iPadOS 15, while 39% would have stayed on iPadOS 14, and the remaining 4% would have chosen to stay on previous versions of iOS or iPadOS. Similarly, In the general plane of the iPad, the new version of the operating system would have remained in only 49% of the devices, not even reaching half of the users.

iPadOS 15 install statistics

iPadOS 15 install statistics

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In this way, although the data is quite positive compared to sectors such as Android, the truth is that these are somewhat low figures compared to previous versions of iOS and iPadOS released in other years. Perhaps the fact that the news is not so striking, or that for the first time Apple has maintained security updates for users who choose to stay on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 are factors that may have been related to these figures.

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