In this new film, Nicolas Cage leaves nothing to the imagination. What is it about?

Nick (as many often call him) knows how to maintain his profile as one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood very well, although it has not been easy at all. In 2014 at a conference as part of the South By Southwest festival, he stated:

“I started acting because I wanted to be James Dean. I saw it in Rebel Without a Cause and East of Paradise. No scene hit me like Dean did, it blew my mind. And I said this is what I want to do.”

From then on, the career of Nicolas Cage Since the 90’s he has been consolidating and today he is one of the most beloved actors by the public. With movies like The rock, Risk in the air, Face to face, 60 seconds, goodbye to vegas, among others, even in the Marvel universe with Ghost Rider.


PHOTOS | Nicolas Cage wants Ghost Rider to have another movie.

Ghost Rider 2, this Sunday for our Azteca 7 signal.

The perfect role for Nicolas Cage

A few days ago, it was announced that in the month of April of this year, the actor’s new film will be released, which is titled “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” and in Spanish it will be called “the weight of talent”, and promises not to be just another movie. Because with everything that has been revealed about the film, Nicolas will play himself. That’s Nick being Nick.

In the trailer that you can see below, he lets us see all kinds of moments where Cage will be Nick Cage. Even the artist’s fans will do the impossible to be close to him.

In this preview we see that the actor is not going through the best moment of his career, and although many recognize him as a legend, he is not being hired for new projects. Without much money and without a job, he meets Javi, played by Peter Pascal, a man who loves his career and who wants to pay him a million dollars just to go to a party. A very nice but very strange business.

Although at first Nick seems to hesitate, for obvious reasons, this trailer reveals that he ends up accepting and that’s when everything will get out of control…

Black Pink, Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage, what could possibly go wrong?

Directed by Tom Gormican The Weight of Talent It is a kind of tribute to Nicolas and his artistic career. However, the actor has made it clear that he does not intend to see her. Poooor? Well, it seems very strange to him to go to a movie theater to see an exaggerated version of him.

And it is a fact that we will come across a highly neurotic and anxious version of the artist. In an interview the actor stated:

“I told him (To Tom) that it was not like that, that in reality I am of calm and reflective moments. But he said that a neurotic Cage is the best Cage, and so I did. I told him I wouldn’t watch the movie but I hope he enjoys it.”

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent will hit theaters in April this year and if you want to see it in action, don’t miss this Sunday Ghost Rider 2 by our Azteca 7 signal.

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