‘I felt like it was my last night’: Vanessa Huppenkothen after contracting COVID-19

The fourth wave of COVID-19 infections He arrived in Mexico before the New Year and this became clear when several people began to get sick. The situation has not been unrelated to celebrities, who through their social networks have announced their contagion and recommendations, this was the case of Erika Buenfil, “Pepillo” Origel and now the journalist vanessa Huppenkothen.

The former beauty queen reported it through her account Twitter where he assured that he felt very bad to the point of thinking that the night of Wednesday, January 12, would be the last one he would go through.

“If this feels like Omicron, I don’t even want to know what Delta is… I felt like last night was my last and I’m not exaggerating… Take care of yourselves,” Huppenkothen wrote, adding in comments that he also had bone pain.

On the other hand, vanessa He shared that he has his complete scheme of vaccination, an issue that has gone viral again, because according to the figures of the authorities, the inoculated people who were infected have not had strong symptoms of the disease.

There were even those who criticized her for having felt bad despite having the Pfizer formula, but she avoided entering into a debate and limited herself to saying that “each body reacts differently.”

What is the situation in Mexico in the face of the pandemic?

This Wednesday, January 12, the Ministry of Health (ssa) announced that our country registered a new record of infections so far in the pandemic: 44 thousand 187 new cases. Likewise, he indicated that the number of deaths reached 300 thousand 764. In terms of vaccination, the Ministry of Health reported that yesterday 440 thousand 149 doses were applied against COVID-19.

Given the situation, the authorities asked the population not to be alarmed, but to maintain the recommended sanitary measures to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 and its variants continue to spread among the population.

With information from Gerardo Suarez


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