Harrison Ford returns as the adventurous archaeologist alongside Antonio Banderas

There, appears Dr. Henry Jones, professor and adventurous archaeologist, sent to recover the ark. A character who divided his time between teaching and expeditions on trips to China and India, facing Chinese and German mobsters and sacred temples.

Indiana Jones has a natural charisma, three days beard, leather jacket, deerstalker hat and a whip.

The music of John Williams was of great contribution in the four films of the saga.

Steven Spielberg for this fifth version left the direction to become a producer. A shoot that was delayed by the pandemic, with scenes in Italy and England, and that brings us back to Harrison Ford as “Indi” on the threshold of his 80 years.

The new story focuses on the hidden gold reserves that the Nazis hid from all countries, including weapons and works of art. A story that will take us to the 60s.

The presence of Harrison Ford has aroused great curiosity from fans, who move behind the listed star.

The Spanish actor is now added to the staff of the interpreters Antonio Banderas. Two good friends in the plot, currently shooting both in Sicily, in the Castellamare Gulf.

Indiana Jones is a character that has gone down in film history, now wiser, but less of an action hero. A movie that seems different and a character that will destroy the myth that a hero does not age.

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