Fraudsters stalk Banamex users after Citi exit

Mexico City /

Citibanamex users and clients reported through social networks a new fraud attempt, where fraudsters pretend to be the bank to ask them to update their information so that their account is not canceled, using the exit of Citigroup’s consumer and business banking business as a pretext.

Via email, Fraudsters ask Citibanamex customers to enter a link to update their data from their account, threatening to cancel the user’s account if they don’t do this process within 24 hours.

“As part of the process of selling Citibanamex business and consumer banking, we need to verify your data. Remember that if they are not updated within 24 hours, your account will be cancelled”, reads the false email.

In this regard, Citibanamex alerted its clients and users, and assured that under no pretext does the bank ask to verify or update the data of accounts by phone, email, text messages, or by giving click in no league.

“We remind you that if you are asked for your keys, passwords or PINs by any of these means, it’s not us“He reported in a message posted on social media.



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