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Mazatlan, Sin.- One of the largest purposes that we wear every beginning of the year is to have a good feeding and lead a life healthy; but this should no longer be a goal of New Year, but an obligation, since eating healthy will not only make us feel much better emotionally and physically, but it will also help us reduce the risk of many diseases.

Also something extremely important is that a healthy diet helps maintain high defenses, a detail that due to all this pandemic we have to take into account.

Following a healthier diet is not that complicated, and in order to carry it out, the Bachelor of Nutrition, Pamela Rodríguez Caldera, gives us the keys to get rid of the excesses of Christmas and start this 2022 eating healthier.

five daily meals

The nutrition expert advises that five daily meals be eaten during the day to control hunger; three main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner and two healthy snacks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which he says should be made of fruits and vegetables, and he commented that nuts and seeds are also a good option, in order to avoid falling into cravings ; however, it ensures that not all bodies are the same, so each one must assess individually the need to follow this advice, increase or reduce it.

Check the quantities

Dr. Rodríguez shared that the ideal when starting a diet is to go little by little, and the main thing that we should aim for is to reduce the quantities, but in the medium term, to avoid anxiety about food, and as a recommendation says, you can increase the fiber content in your diet, which will help keep us full, as well as foods rich in good fats such as avocado, nuts or extra virgin olive oil, which provide energy and also help us will make you feel healthier.

Avoid junk food

Pamela Rodríguez pointed out that fried foods, sweets and snacks in general, contain large amounts of sugar and salt, ingredients that do not help improve our diet, since their nutritional contribution is low, and she assures that it is best to avoid them and start changing them for the collations mentioned above.

do exercise

Something that stood out was that a balanced diet is the first step to improve our diet, so the second and very important step is to exercise; For this reason, he advises that you can start with going for a walk, jogging, or riding a bike, he only recommends it be at least 30 minutes a day.

Drink water

Finally, he mentioned that it is vital to stay hydrated, especially if we start exercising. “Drinking water has many benefits, among them is that it helps the blood transport oxygen, and the energy level increases when the body is well hydrated, in addition, adequate hydration helps keep the joints and muscles lubricated.”

“Having a healthy diet is not complicated, it is just a matter of introducing positive changes in our life habits, it is in our hands to take care of our health in less time than you imagine,” he concluded.


The nutrition expert advises that we change junk food between meals for fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds.

Having a healthy diet is not complicated, it is just a matter of introducing positive changes in our life habits

Pamela Rodriguez.

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