Emma Watson Seems to Refute Harry Potter Reunion Theory About Rupert Grint

Emma Watson’s latest comments about Rupert Grint seem to disprove a theory that stemmed from the Harry Potter cast reunion.

The couple met as part of the special Return to Hogwarts, which premiered on New Year’s Day (January 1).

During the episode, Grint and Watson shared a sweet moment where they said they “love” each other like “family.”

Grint took Watson’s hand as they embraced, and tears came to her eyes.

Reflecting on the moment, Watson commented to fashion in a later interview: “When Rupert says something, he really means it. I was surprised at how vulnerable and kind he decided to be so publicly.”

She named that moment as the “most emotional” part of the special.

Watson’s comments came days after some amateur sleuths claimed to have spotted a detail that suggested Grint was not present at the meeting, but was added digitally by the producers.

as highlighted Cosmopolitan, the theory spawned after fans noticed that Grint had been filming the Netflix series Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo del Toro in Toronto, Canada, around the same time the Harry Potter reunion was filmed in London.

This theory is supported by the fact that a film crew from Toronto appears in the end credits.

Some fans even went so far as to claim that the moment Grint and Watson hugged was digitally retouched due to a continuity error in Watson’s nail polish.

Many fans of ‘Harry Potter’  they think Rupert Grint didn't grabó  in person ‘Return to Hogwarts’  (NOW)

Many fans of ‘Harry Potter’ believe that Rupert Grint did not record ‘Return to Hogwarts’ in person (NOW)

In the scenes where she talks to Grint alongside Daniel Radcliffe, her fingernails are painted black. However, when he is alone with Grint, they are painted gold. His attire is the same in both cases.

Despite impressive research by Harry Potter fans, it’s unclear if Watson would have felt the moment was as “emotional” if Grint hadn’t been physically present in the room with her.

The Independent has contacted NOW, where you can see Return to Hogwarts, looking for feedback.

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