Emanuel Aguilera reveals how his departure from America was

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Emmanuel Aguilera became the first reinforcement of Atlas Facing the Closure 2022. The experienced Argentine defender had ended his contractual relationship with América in December and, although he was in talks to renew, this never materialized with the azulcrema team. Days after his signing for the red and black team, the Argentine revealed the reason why he was dispensed with in Coapa.

As he noted in an interview with TUDN, Aerie I was psyched up in continue wearing of cream blue, but nevertheless, things took a 180 degree turn when the directive you communicated that they wanted to make some changes in the last line.

“Everything went quickly, I had my mind set on continuing in America, but my representative told me about the possibility without there being anything concrete and the first team that emerged was Atlas and there was no doubt, then I had to talk to the board and I they said that they wanted a renovation in defense“.

He did not hesitate for a second to reach the Atlas

But nevertheless, He pointed out that he took it in the best way and even commented that when Atlas asked about him it was clear that he wanted to strengthen Diego Cocca’s team, since reaching the current Mexican soccer champion was something he could not refuse under any circumstances.

“First I spoke with the board and I understood it in the best way, they have every right to want to renew, search for another player profile and when the Atlas option arose, I did not hesitate because he is the champion and I have no doubt that it will be a competitive team. I already had to be directed by Diego, he knows what I can contribute“, he sentenced.

At the conclusion of his contract with America, TOguilera came free to the red and black team, which needed to reinforce the defense before the departure of Jesús Angulo, an element that was bought by Miguel Herrera’s Tigres.


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