CSI: Meet the veteran Oscar-nominated actor who narrowly joined the cast of CBS

Undoubtedly, this police investigation drama has delighted more than one with its stories and plots over the years, which is why after so much time on the air, great actors have joined the set.

Since its debut in the year 2000, ITUC It has become known as one of the most watched forensic crime dramas on the television channel of CBSLogically, thanks to its years of broadcasting, it has managed to present innumerable stories with various characters throughout its entire plot.

CSI: Meet the veteran Oscar-nominated actor who narrowly joined the cast of CBS

As we will remember, this series was broadcast for 15 seasons, which is why its last episode was broadcast on September 27, 2015, and despite the fact that seven years have passed since its end, the immense franchise of ITUC Today it continues to give a lot to talk about the plot, especially after the premiere of CSI: Las Vegas.

In this drama we have seen some great actors as they are William Peterson, ted danson, Marg Helgenberger Y jorja fox. However, in addition to these recurring characters, in ITUC other recurring guest stars have been introduced, many of whom are Hollywood stars.

Among the names of some of these guest stars are, Michael B Jordan, Dakota Fanning, amanda seyfried, Jeremy Renner, Taylor Swift, kim kardashian Y Justin Bieber They have played various characters on the show, some of them, although they have not had a major acting career, have debuted with their surprise appearances.

However, the legendary actor known for portraying the most eccentric characters in cinema almost had a regular role on the series before CBS end his historic career. It’s about the actor John Malkovich, who has starred in great films like Dangerous Liaisons from 1988, In The Line of Fire by Clint Eastwood, Being John Malkovich from 1999 and Being John Malkovich from 2008.

John Malkovich turned down a role on CSI

Likewise, on television he also stood out with his characters, and that is that Malkovich had leading roles in crossbones from NBC as the legendary pirate Blackbeard and The New Pope from HBO as the main character.

In an interview, it was the same John Malkovich who confessed that he almost acted in the long-running crime drama of CBS, ITUC. However, according to his words, the actor did not accept the role because at that time he was busy executing other projects. These were his statements:

“I had a conversation with Billy. I had a conversation with Gary Sinise, who is also an old friend and does the other ‘CSI,’ more or less about what it was, what it meant, what life was, etc.”… “I was doing two operas, I’m still directing plays all the time, doing other little movies that interest me”… “I didn’t know if I could see myself doing that. And both Bill and Gary thought they couldn’t see me doing that.”

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