Android 12L Beta 2 is now available, all the news and compatible mobiles

The second beta version of Android 12L, the update aimed at foldable smartphones, tablets and other large-screen devices, is now available.

Google has released the second beta version of Android 12L. This second installment has begun to arrive today on devices enrolled in the Android Beta program, and brings with it performance improvements and functional innovations, which will be present in the final version of Android 12L.

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The second beta is considered an incremental update, and with it, Google encourages developers to start final compatibility tests for applications, SDKs and libraries.

Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Android 12L will improve performance on large screen and foldable devices.

All phones compatible with Android 12L Beta 2

Although Android 12L is an update based on Android 12, focused on large screen devicessuch as foldable smartphones or tablets, beta versions are available for Pixel series smartphones, where you can try some of the new features of the update.

Next, we provide the Android 12L Beta 2 compatible device list, and the download links for each version:

What’s new in Android 12L Beta 2

Google has not shared a official changelog along with the new version. However, initial tests have shown that Android 12L Beta 2 does not introduce too many changes at the functional level, and its purpose is rather to solve problems and improve the general behavior of the system.

However, it does include several changes geared towards Pixel devices, such as the possibility to activate or deactivate the oversized lock screen clock.

Pixel 6Pro

The large clock on the lock screen can be disabled starting with Android 12L Beta 2.

Also, from the “Internet” menu of the quick settings panel it is possible to turn off airplane mode thanks to a new switch present at the bottom of the panel. They have also been made aesthetic improvements on other elements of the system.

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Android 12L Beta 2 is the second of three beta versions that will exist under this program, before the launch of the definitive version, whose arrival should take place from the month of February based on the official planning.

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