An asteroid will pass close to Earth next week

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In January we will witness several astronomical phenomena, but an asteroid will also pass close to Earth next week, something that can certainly scare many because in certain science fiction movies the planet is in danger from a possible clash of these.

In accordance with ScienceAlert, this asteroid is twice the size of a skyscraper and It will cross space at a speed of approximately 80 thousand kilometers per hour. In addition, NASA describes it as “potentially dangerous” in its journey through space.

This asteroid was numbered 7482 (1994 PC1) and was first seen in 1974, but there was no record of his movements, this changed in 1994 when his trajectory began to be followed.

the asteroid It was discovered in 1994 by astronomer R. H. McNaught. after staying at the Siding Spring observatory in Australia.

When will it pass through Earth?

The asteroid is estimated to have a diameter of 1,052 kilometers and will pass at a distance of 0.13 astronomical units from Earth, which equals millions of kilometers.

Although it is considered “potentially dangerous” and will pass by the Earth on January 18, this does not imply that it collides with the planet because it will remain at a distance of 2 million kilometers.

After spending this Tuesday on Earth it is expected to be close to the planet again in 2105.

Asteroids are extremely predictable celestial bodies that obey the laws of physics and follow known orbital paths around the Sun.

But sometimes those paths can get very close to the future position of the Earth and, due to small uncertainties in the positions of the asteroidsa future impact on Earth cannot be completely ruled out.

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