All a star! Katy Perry gave a look at her backstage routine in Las Vegas

U.S-. Katy Perry has been on a very hot streak since becoming a mother to 16-month-old Daisy with Orlando Bloom. Not only does the artist enjoy her passionate relationship with the actor and her adventure as a new mother, but she also got her first residency Las Vegas in Resorts World, where he presents his show Play till March.

In a recent interview about from Soi, its new line of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages with natural adaptogens, perry gave an exclusive glimpse into his life behind the scenes with his show Play. However, the singer pointed out that despite its importance, behind the scenes in Las Vegas He maintains the same routine that he adapted to acting since he rose to stardom.

“People think behind the scenes it’s pretty scandalous, but for me, for a decade, it’s been pretty much the same. We’re just getting ready, we’re eating right, we’re doing pre-show training. We’re doing a lot of different business things and we really stick to meditation,” he said. perry.

“So the things that I do, and have done for over a decade, have helped me a lot with fatigue and burnout. Especially getting through these shows, because I think this is probably the most physically taxing show I’ve ever done.” perry. In addition, she stated that since her daughter Daisy is with her all the time, she does not have time for “mischief”.

perry began his residency in Las Vegas at the end of December. On stage, the artist performs alongside huge, colorful images, including a pink and yellow checkerboard stage, and a giant rubber duck, toilet, and plunger. “It’s a show you can really only see in Vegas because I could never bring a 30-foot toilet onto the road,” the star joked.

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