23 years ago was the debut of Britney Spears with her album “… Baby One More Time”

A new era was born at the end of the century and that is the emergence of the ‘Princess of Pop’ Britney Spears, who surprised the world with her first album ‘…Baby One More Time’. She was only 17 years old when success came to her feet, which would lead her to be one of those responsible for the revival of teen pop in the music industry.

Eric Foster White, was with whom the singer recorded most of the songs on the album in New York City, and Swedish Max Martin, who would since become a key figure in the early career of Spears.

Five singles were released from the album. The first, ‘…Baby One More Time’, the album’s namesake, which became a worldwide hit, topping every music chart it appeared on, and is one of the best-selling singles of all time, selling more ten million copies.

‘Sometimes’, ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’, ‘From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart’ and ‘Born To Make You Happy’ followed him to worldwide success. All in all, …’Baby One More Time’ sold 10.6 million copies in the US, making it the 14th best-selling album since Nielsen SoundScan began surveying music sales in the country in 1991.

However, on Monday, July 19, 2004, …’Baby One More Time’ was certified fourteen times Platinum by the RIAA, as proof of record legal sales of 14 million copies in the country.

The most shocking video on the album

‘…Baby One More Time’ was not only a single, but a devastating musical production and that is how it arrived in the world of music. The classic hit was #1 on the Hot 100 and sold millions of copies worldwide.

The video was directed by Nigel Dick on August 6, 7 and 8, 1998 and became a success due to its originality, since it was the singer’s idea that changed everything at the last moment and made it different from how was conceived.

It was recorded in Los Angeles in California from a school in Britney is bored when she is about to finish her last class. When the bell rings, Spears and her friends run out into the hall and the choreography begins.

She then leaves her school and we find her outside her school in sports-style clothes showing off her skills as a dancer and gymnast. Next she is sitting in the bleachers of the school basketball court, looking at who is supposed to be her boyfriend, all in sportswear that was selected at the last minute.

A choreography with her dancers on the basketball court forms the touch of the video that revolutionized the world that ends by showing us that the singer was still in class and that what was seen previously was only a dream. Undoubtedly a great contrast between the beginning and the end of the video.

Since then and its publication on YouTube, the video has swept the visits and is considered one of the best of the artist. In addition, her sexy schoolgirl look has been replicated thousands of times by her followers. Rolling Stone named it the best debut single of all time and it marked the beginning of a legendary career.

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