They create a ‘black box’ that records the end of civilization and shows it to the future

If human civilization collapsed climate crisis, what would be left on the planet? In addition to an endless tundra, a group of scientists seeks to leave a indestructible message on Earth: a black box —a vault, if you like the Asimov-style idea— that record our extinction and the wrong steps we took along the way.

Like the encyclopedists of Terminus, they hope it will also serve as a guide to a possible future.


Photo: The Glue Society

The project is called Earth’s Black Box and in order not to make a lot of balls, it works with the same design as the black box that would withstand a plane crash and gives valuable information about what happened… just on a planetary scale.

Earth’s black box

The black box will be giant monolith of solid steel, reinforced with granite. Its construction is planned in a remote place in Tasmania, an island in Australia.

The project is made by scientists from a university in australia, but –the truth- has this cool, mysterious, sort of Sci-Fi look to it, thanks to teaming up with The Glue Society, a collective of artists and designers that has been rocking Sydney for over 20 years.


Photo: The Glue Society

It is assumed that the device, as of now, is already measuring and collecting climate data.

Have atmospheric measurements of contamination, of sea ​​temperature or energy consumption in the countries. Depending on your project, it also retrieves context information like Photographs or news reports.

“The idea is that if civilization disappears as a result of the climate crisis, this indestructible device will be maintained so that whoever is left can learn from what happened.” commented its creators in a recent interview. Of course, they also said that the intention is… not to be used: that the creation of the black box inspires concrete actions.


A woman praying in what remains of a river in New Dehli // Photo: Reuters

The recordings are already running and the giant monolith is under construction.

How the story ends is up to us. says the Earth’s Black Box on its official site. “Only one thing is certain: our actions, inactions and interactions are being recorded.”

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