Oribe Peralta spoke about his time at Chivas

Oribe Peralta
announced his retirement from the courts at the age of 38. The last club in which the Mexican was, was Chivas and the now former player talked about what his time at the chiverío was like, as well as why he did not have so many minutes in the Guadalajara team.

the step of Oribe in Chivas, will be remembered for the few goals he scored in the Flock. However, perhaps it was not so much his fault and that is why he spoke of what he experienced in the chiverío. It should be remembered that his arrival occurred just after passing through America.

Oribe Peralta playing for Chivas

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Oribe Peralta talks about Chivas

The ‘Hermoso’ acknowledged that he would have liked to have more minutes with him Flock. In the same way, he assured that the team was up for more things than were achieved, however, he said calm because he always gave his best, whether on or off the field.

Obviously I would have loved to play more, have more participation. I think the team was up for much more and the truth is that they take the role as it came, I was never someone who complained. Always working and making an effort because I understand that there were decisions that did not correspond to me”, he declared.

In the same line, Oribe Peralta He accepted that he never understood why he did not have as many minutes but that is also why he left the Flock. It was not his decision and he always tried to do his best to earn a place on the pitch.

“I always gave my best, I was always available and willing to support from wherever I had to. I really don’t know why there wasn’t more participation but I’m leaving very calm because it never depended on me.”, he sentenced Oribe Peralta.

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