Martinoli’s epic account of Oribe Peralta’s goal in London

Oribe Peralta’s career is full of successes and unforgettable moments, one of them was the gold medal in London 2012

One of the greatest moments in Oribe Peralta’s career is, without a doubt, the occasion that with two of his goals, the Aztec Olympic Team won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics, London 2012, that magical afternoon at the stadium. from Wembley, the “Beautiful” made a whole country vibrate, accompanied by the epic narration of Christian Martinoli.

“Free kick to Mexico, it is very important, fundamental, it could be the title. Then the center comes … Goal! Golden goal, Oribe goal!. Oribe, Oribe, never die Oribe! I love you Peralta, I love you Peralta!, I give everything for you Peralta !. You, you are the hero of the movie and I love you Peralta! ”, These were the words that Martinoli issued, when recounting this historic moment for Mexican soccer.

Oribe Peralta announces his retirement from soccer

Through a video titled “My friend the Ball”, Oribe Peralta announced that it is officially withdrawn. The now former Mexican striker preferred to put an end to his career. The last years for him were not so good and even in the Mexico shouts BBVA Opening 2021, He played just five games.

19 years of career with Oribe Peralta, Fans remember him as the player who gave Mexico the gold medal in London 2012, qualified the team for Brazil 2014 in the playoff game against New Zealand.


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