Kim Kardashian caught due to a subtle Photoshop error

kim kardashian, in a file photo

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Last Wednesday we knew that Kylie Jenner became the first woman on Instagram to amass 300 million followers, a milestone closely followed by her stepsister. Kim kardashian, which in said social network already has close to 280 million fans. Some fans who a couple of days ago noticed a photoshop bug in this profile that has already become a topic of conversation on networks. Ahem. The photo in question is a ‘selfie’ that the owner of KKW Beauty shared, a priori, without any further impact. Some shy 3.6 million ‘likes’ so certified it – it has photos that exceed 5 million ‘likes’—. In this image he appears pulling pouts next to some fingers like this: ✌🏼. Come on, the typical photo that you take for your ‘crush’ without giving it more importance.

However, fans realized that something was wrong in the second snapshot of this gallery. We leave you with the image so that you can analyze it before we tell you what the subtle Photoshop error has been that has made this post one of the most commented on this week.

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A mobile, at least, suspicious

The fact is that, although no apparent deformity can be seen in the businesswoman’s face or neck, the mobile with which he takes the photo appears somewhat distorted in the second snapshot, a clear example that two unexpected events have been able to happen:

  1. You have edited the image with little care (or with a lot of nerve)
  2. The mirror is curved and has caused this strange deformation
        1. And considering the quality of the furniture in the Kardashian mansion, the second option is ruled out almost immediately 🧐.

          Be that as it may, his friends and family did not hesitate to comment on him as a sign of support. Kourtney Kardashian dedicated “the one who best makes the symbol of peace in the city”, as well as her friend Lala, they limited themselves to filling the post with emojis: “😍😍😍😍”. By the way, this is not the first time that we have caught the Kardashian sisters using Photoshop in the wrong way, pay attention to this list of other mistakes that did not go unnoticed in their day.

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