James Rodríguez saved the life of a rival player in Qatar

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The last weekend one of the most worrying moments in international football was lived. While a match was being played between Al-Wakrah and Al-Rayyan, the player Ousmane Coulibaly collapsed on the pitch in the first half. The 32-year-old element suffered a heart attackHowever, the doctors were able to save his life Y, James Rodriguez It was a fundamental piece for it.

In recent days it was revealed that the Colombian footballer rperformed a vital maneuver to help paramedics, who entered the field quickly to begin resuscitation work so that he did not lose his life.

According to the Al-Wakrah doctor, the former Real Madrid player “He took an important step of adjusting his head position of Ousmane Coulibaly right after he collapsed, so that could breathe properly“.

What happened after what happened with Coulibaly?

After the shocking moment, the elements of both squads returned to the locker room, since they were very concerned about the health of their colleague. Minutes later the players communicated their wish not to continue with the match, so that it was suspended.

How is Coulibaly?

On January 8, the team Al-Wakrah reported through his social networks that Ousmane Coulibaly was “stabilized after the heart attack he suffered“They also indicated that the corresponding tests were being carried out at Hamad Hospital.


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