How to know the location of a contact by WhatsApp in an emergency

We live in a society in constant evolution, that is why every day we have more advanced functions within our reach in the apps, as in the case of WhatsApp, which helps us communicate with family, friends, in the educational and work environment and, not only that, it also plays an important role in case of emergency.

How? If you can’t locate a Contact and you are worried because he does not respond, we share that you can know his Location without sending it to you, following these steps:

For this one trick you must be logged in to the desktop version, WhatsAppWeb. Take into account that your computer must have the operating system Windows 10.

Remember that you access whatsapp web entering, a QR code will appear that you must scan with your cell phone, just go to your app, enter the main menu represented by three points at the top of the screen and choose the option of Linked Devices.

Once you see your chats on the computer press the Control + Alt + Delete keys to open the task manager of Windows.

Then press the Win key (the one with the Windows logo) + R to open “run” and type “cmd” in the field, followed by “Enter”.

You will see a command prompt, where you should type “netstat-an” and press “Enter”.

You will see the IP address of the Contact you are looking for, on the page, enter the previously obtained address.

And that will be it. As you can see, it is a simple procedure, without using other apps in the middle. Just remember that the Location that it offers you is approximate and is not given in real time.

Other additional recommendations to know the location by WhatsApp

For this to work trick take into account the following:

You just have to have the tab open. whatsapp web, so you will have to close the other windows.

East trick Does not work on Macbook nor in MAC from Manzana.

to know the Location of Contact You must have a recent conversation with him.

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And remember, this procedure should only be used in the event of a true emergency, for example; if the person doesn’t respond to you and you don’t hear from them for several hours or days. Do not use it lightly for any situation, as you would be violating the privacy of others.

New WhatsApp features for this 2022

Now that you know the secret to know the Location of a Contact, we also share the new functions that the application will launch in 2022:

Deletion of messages. We all know the function of deleting messages, but this only lasts one hour after sending the content, after that time there is nothing to do. The good news is that WhatsApp is betting on the possibility of deleting messages without a time limit.

Hide profile picture, read and connection verification for some contacts. These functions are already available, but they only give you the opportunity to hide the information from all your contacts. This year it is hoped that you will be able to carry it out only by choosing certain people.

Reply to messages with reactions. This popular feature has been available in other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now you could reach WhatsApp to easily send hearts or surprised, upset faces, among others.

Audio note transcript. We recently witnessed the update of WhatsApp that allows us to accelerate the speed in the audio notes. This 2022 it is expected that these audios can be transcribed to text messages, without a doubt, it would be a very useful improvement when you are in public places and you do not want others to listen to your conversation.

Sticker creation. WhatsApp It has its own sticker creator. However, it is only available for desktop, it is planned to come to mobile devices now.

These features are expected to be available in the coming months, so stay tuned to take advantage of them.

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