Cruz Azul and Chivas did not register him and he still has not found a club


Alexis Peña left Cruz Azul after they did not buy his pass. However, Chivas did not contemplate it for 2022 either and was left without registration against Liga MX.

Peña's disappearance: Cruz Azul and Chivas did not register him
© picture 7Peña’s disappearance: Cruz Azul and Chivas did not register him

Alexis Peña is one of the nine casualties that Cruz Azul has made official for the Liga MX Clausura 2022 tournament. The central defender was on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara throughout 2021, but in the Machine they did not want to use the purchase option and returned him to the Sacred Flock.

In the celestial store, Juan Reynoso did not want to continue with him, neither by purchase nor by loan, so he returned him to his original club. The problem? Marcelo Michel Leaño also did not contemplate the lanky defender within his squad for this year, so he decided not to register him in the rojiblanco cast before the FMF.

Nowadays, Peña is no longer Cruz Azul’s problem, but rather one of the issues that Guadalajara still has to resolve. The player is not training at La Noria, nor at Verde Valle, and nobody is very clear about what will happen to his future, also considering that he has a current contract with Chivas.

However, since he has not been enrolled in any club, Alexis is “missing”. He trains on his own at home, and while he waits for his agent to find him a new football destination, he completely separated himself from the Machine and the Flock. However, he has not yet deleted the “Cruz Azul player” from his social networks.

The Liga MX internal pass market, for players who have not been called up in the Clausura 2022 tournament, closes on Tuesday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. That is the term that Peña has to be relocated in the national environment. In case of not finding a club, he will have to spend a semester without playing or leave Mexico.


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